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Bob and his wife Sandy are fellow parents who are grieving the loss of a child due to pediatric cancer;  they are also amazing friends and one of our pillars of support. Bob has used biking and fundraising as an outlet as he copes with grief. The manner in which he has turned tragedy into support for others is simply amazing. When we asked Bob how #TeamLeah can support their cause this is what he said:

My name is Bob Ruby.  My wife Sandy and I met Drew, Katie, and Leah in Beaumont Hospital in 2015.  Unfortunately, the circumstances that brought us together involved our two kids, Cameron (my 15-year-old son) and Leah who were the only two pediatric AML Leukemia patients at Beaumont.  We have supported each other through the terrifying and horrific fight with cancer, and unfortunately now, through the grief and loss of our two precious children. I am now focused on honoring my son and making a difference for kids like Cameron and Leah.  I have taken up bike riding and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help find better treatment for kids. I also ride for Make-A-Wish to pay back the kindness and love that they showed our family. Please consider helping me by donating to one of these two causes and help me make a difference!

I’m riding my bike 300 miles in 3 days for Make-A-Wish…click below to help:

I’m riding my bike to help find better pediatric Leukemia treatment…click below to help: